There once was a girl who struggled at school, thought she was dumb and not very cool

Reading a book would take her an age, as the words would appear to move around on the page

Boy oh boy did she struggle to please, which was hard when English looked like Chinese

Parents and teachers on our backs, ”work harder, read more and don’t be so slack”

We went to doctors and professionals with want of a fix, but along came Helen to show us some tricks

“I’ve been where you’ve been, felt what  you feel and I’m here to help you heal”

You are wired in a unique way that allows creativity to flow, your mind is full of ideas that’s all you need to know

I am here to open the door and give you the key to success, for determination and hard work are never the less

So along she went with a caravan in tow and three groups of students all ready to go

Colour and mind maps is all you need, this is the key for you to succeed

With the promise of pizza we keep going back and giving new friendships a really good crack

Through each other’s strengths and weaknesses we attacked, mountains of school work  that kept coming back

With new strategies taught that would be kept for life, our tears were wiped and there was no more strife

Now it’s our turn to make it right, to help students like us, futures turn bright

Poem written and read by Holly and Sklya