hi i am Kate and i am 15 years old. i found out i was dyslexia when i was 7 years old and the first thing that really helped me the the mpwoered course, even though i had been on a lot of different learning programs in and out of school. Before i came to mpowered i used to do four hours of homework each night and stress about every little thing. With the help of Helen teaching me how to efficiently work with mind maps we got my homework down to one hour each night.

Before coming to mpowered stress ruled my life/ the stress was school. i didn’t know how to cope but Helen made me realize that the small things like not handing work on in time was not the end of the world and she always says to take a deep breath and if the stress is still there take another and another.

I would have to say Helen and the mpowered course have changed my life for the best. If i got the change to go back i would in a flash. Helen knows what its like and understands who hard it is which makes it much easier.

thank you Helen, from Kate

Kate's Testimonial as sent via email